How Can I Help?


I am available for speaking engagements at your event, conference, or retreat. This is a great opportunity to get your team interested in storytelling and how video can help you find a new audience and constituency. These are usually :30 min to 2 hours.


Hands on training with your team to teach all the elements you need to tell a great video story: pre-production, production, and post-production. I provide curriculum based specifically on your needs, whether you are starting from scratch, have experimented with the medium, or are looking to do a large scale production. These are usually 1 to 3 days


When your organization is ready to commit to a video department with part-time or full-time staff, I can help you get it started I have a long track record of building video capabilities at organizations (large and small) from the ground up. I can provide information on what kind of equipment to purchase, what qualifications you should look for in applicants, what timelines to expect, and how to measure ROI. These can range from a 1-2 hours to 1-3 days.


If you have an important event, campaign, or commercial and just need it taken care of. Whether it is a 30 minute recording of your keynote speaker, special event coverage, commercial, or goodbye video for a departing board member, I can produce anything you would need. The time needed depends on the project. An average 4-5 minute event coverage video takes 2-3 days worth of work.

I offer several different services to help your organization master video storytelling and produce great pieces on message and on budget.

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